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4. Sport Massage and Thai Massage

Sport Massage:


Sport massage is an usual style of massage which helps in training athletes along with treating injuries. Sports massage is a mixture of the stretching and massage techniques. Sport massage is not a form of a general relaxation massage, but one which is aiming on getting relief from an injury, pain or stress and improve body performance. It is usually recognised as a deep massage which works on the principles of muscle, bone and nerve function. Sport massage is not just meant for the sport persons but is also beneficial for an average person to an office based professional with shoulder tension and neck or back pain

Thai Massage:

Thai massage has been utilised as a preventative healthcare system for a long time . The approach of this massage therapy, is primarily based , on understanding the energy channels that run through the body (such as blood vessels) and is  similar to the Chinese meridians of acupuncture.  The massage is conducted in a quite slow and gentle manner.

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