Systematic reflexology and foot massage for lymphatic drainage and deep relaxation

This 7 hours CPD course, suitable for practitioners/students who want to improve their skills, offers a novel and unique way to treat the feet. This is achieved with the therapist working on both feet simultaneously rather than one side at a time. The treatment focuses particularly on the lymphatic circulatory system.


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Two hands foot massage for lymphatic drainage and deep relaxation

If you are looking to learn but have no qualifications and background in anatomy this course will still be suitable for you as you can still attend the Systematic Reflexology course and receive all information. We wish to provide an opportunity for those who want to help their family or for future therapists to show them the way of reflexology.


The Whole Health Centre

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Are all events different?

-The Systematic Reflexology course can be attended by practitioners/students (or those that have anatomy background) but also by people that just want to learn.

-The only difference will be in the Certificate at the end, for who is beginner and have no anatomy background the Certificate won't cover reflexology.

Is the certificate insurable?

-Yes, the Systematic Reflexology CPD certificate is insurable.

Is this online?

-Due to covid, Theory part will be online whereas there is also a Practice part which will be 2.5 hours in the Pimlico clinic.

Are there any materials provided?

-Yes, you will receive a booklet with the course and access to an instructional massage video.

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