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Pregnancy and Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage:

The lymph system is part of your body's immune system and helps to fight infections. Lymph is a clear, slightly yellow fluid. It transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, collecting toxins on the way and flushing them out through the lymph nodes. However, unlike blood, which is pumped around by your heart, the lymph system has no pump. The pressure from your blood vessels and movement from your muscles push the lymphatic fluid around. What is lymphatic drainage massage good for? Lymphatic drainage massage can benefit your general health. This is because the lymph is vital to keep your immune system working properly, improving the flow and drainage of lymph around the body is good for you in lots of ways.

Pregnancy (Prenatal Massage):

Prenatal Massage has many benefits for you and your baby. Pregnancy is known as a stressful time, physically as well as emotionally. Your body undergoes some fundamental transformations such as hormonal changes and an increase in plasma and blood volume. Also your organs shift position as your pregnancy develops. These effects can put significant pressure on the body, particularly on the spine, neck and weight-bearing joints. Regular Prenatal Massage provides a safe, drug-free, relaxing way to minimise and relieve the common discomforts of a developing pregnancy.

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