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Vera and Cathy

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Reflexology and Remedial Massage


Shiatsu and Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy


Pregnancy and lymphatic drainage


Sport Massage
and Thai
Therapy Sessions
About Us

Originally a qualified Nurse, Vera has many years experience as a massage practitioner and reflexologist, ITEC Level 3.

Vera is also qualified in Post Natal therapy and is atunned to understanding and supporting the needs of pregnant women.

Her professional experience includes offering massage to children and adults with spine and nerve disorders and those in recovery from illness and injury.

Cathy is a former nurse. Prior to moving to the UK she worked for several years as part of a team of medical consultants giving therapeutic massage to their  patients with spine and nerve disorders, cancer and AIDS.

She is qualified in Post-Natal Therapy and experienced in pregnancy massage.

She is committed to providing holistic, natural, personalised treatments.

Getting Help

If you have something to ask about the treatments you can do so by messaging us through our website, send an email or call us on the telephone number below.

We will also be adding interesting articles that we find useful in order to guide you to improve your overall health.

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