Detoxamin is recommended in: 

-elimination of heavy metals, lead, arsenic, cadmium:

eliminating guardian types of toxins, free radicals:

mercury poisoning, xenoestrogens, pesticides;

protecting cells against oxidative stress:

-strengthening the permeability of the intestinal wall;

neutralization of gastric acidity, in gastritis, infections and intestinal inflammation;

-Reduced acid in the body, regulates the pH, are immunostimulating; in the supply of the body with indispensable microelements; withbearing liver functions affected by viruses (hepatitis B, hepatitis C), alcohol;

-Inhibition of the development of malignant cells;

-The triggering of apopsis, death of cancer cells;

-Cell protection and regeneration;

-Chemotherapy therapy, cytostatics and irradiation; psoriasis, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy;

-Autoimmune thyroiditis, thyroid nodules, hyperthyroidism;

-Regulation in cardiovascular, strengthens the heart muscle and accelerates post-heart regeneration




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English Translation of product:


The word "detoxification" has two common meanings:

1. Discontinuation of the use of drugs or alcohol, which have developed an addiction;

2. The physiological process (also called metabolic detoxification) is the mechanism of inactivation of waste (chemicals, heavy metals, hormones, toxins) and their elimination from the body. The main ways of entering most toxins in the body are the intestine, skin and lungs. Process Physiologic detoxification is a complex process, a vital process involving several organs and Systems in the body. Accumulation of toxins in the body leads to the emergence Symptoms such as: fatigue, headaches, Weakness, muscle or joint pain, syndrome Irritable bowel or weight gain. Diseases such as Obesity, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Cancer, infertility, allergies, neurological affections (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cognitive problems), disease Heart, autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances Are correlated with the impossibility of correct neutralization and elimination of toxins from the body. Linus Pauling, renowned American biochemist and Winner of two Nobel prizes, demonstrated by Extensive biochemical studies, the fact that approximately 90% of diseases and affections of the human body Are attributed to an excess of heavy metals, toxins, Toxic chemicals that cause in the body Human serious imbalances and deficiencies of minerals and trace elements. The human body has no resources Self-regeneration if fed with chemicals. Toxic chemicals are interpreted as being Foreign proteins, which serve no purpose other than Increasing the acidity of tissues causing serious disturbances And a constant inflammatory immune reaction. Researchers estimate that an adult can accumulate in Time of life over 700 types of toxins and chemicals, Of these about 100 being stored in the cells Fat. The fatter a person is, the more Higher levels of toxins in the body. Researchers Found stored in the adipose tissue of people Obese metabolites, bacteria, but also chemicals of drugs, alcohol, insecticides, pesticides, pollutants, contaminants and food additives. Agency International cancer Research announced that in Proportion of almost 90% cancer is determined by external factors (Exogeni). In the body of newborns There may be more than 200 toxins and chemicals (taken The umbilical cord in the mother's body). For this reason, detoxification is essential in the process of Elimination of these contaminants from the human body. Throughout life, the human body is exposed to Daily to a variety of toxic compounds that are both From the outside environment (Exogeni) and even Body (endogenous). Exogenous toxins (xenobiotic)-chemical compounds, which are introduced into the outside body, are foreign Human body-are compounds that originate from Where do substances come from The body's intoxic? Foods (pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, hormones, Chemicals, food additives, heavy metals), alcohol, Tobacco, medicines, chemical compounds in the air (smoke Cigarette, exhaust gases, etc.), cleaning products Etc. The main classes of xenobiotic importance Medical products are: medicines, compounds in the (polychlorinated biphenyls, insecticides, etc.), Carcinogenic substances. Endogenous toxins are toxic substances created In the body and may originate from intestinal toxins (Products of bacteria, parasites and yeasts) of hormones, Bile acids and metabolic intermediaries.

The intestines are the gate to Health

The main ways of entering most toxins into the body are: bowel, skin and lungs. If intestines are healthy, then you have a good chance of Be healthy. The intestine, the center of the immune system, also referred to as "man's second brain", protects body of pollutants, waste, allergens, preventing their blood entry. All the defence reactions of the body take place in this area. This organ is also the body's main detox ification channel. The most important cells for immunity are in the intestinal wall. Thus, we need in first row of a strong intestinal wall. Various factors such as refined carbohydrates, preservatives, dyes, antibiotic use, medicines corticosteroids, alcohol, parasites difficult digestion, amino acid deficiency, intestinal peristalsis, age, lifestyle, chemo and radiotherapy, gastrointestinal diseases, stress, oxygen level, causes the permeability of the wall Intestinal. Increased intestinal permeability (by widening intestinal membrane junctions) leads to the passage of pathogens in the intestinal lumen in the circulation of and their location, by lymphatic or blood, in various organs. However, this process does not unnoticed by the immune system that recognises foreign particles, generating antibodies for protection, but also an attack against healthy cells.


Signs that you suffer from the leaky intestine:

1. Digestive problems such as gas, bloating, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome

2. Seasonal allergies or asthma

3. Hormonal imbalances such as PMS or PCOS

4. Diagnosis with autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, lupus, psoriasis or celiac disease

5. Diagnosis with chronic fatigue or Fibromyalgia

6. Mood disorders or nervous disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADD or ADHD

7. Skin disorders (acne, rosacea or eczema)

8. Diagnosing with overdose overpopulation

9. Allergies or food intolerances


Experts talk about a disruption of office bowel = leaky intestine, intestine perforated perforation that may lead to problems of the most varied health. It can be autoimmune diseases, both intestinal and multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel, neoplastics, allergic diseases, etc. The new paradigm flips traditional theories underlying the occurrence of these diseases and suggests that these processes may be limited if the interaction of between genes and environmental triggers is prevented restoring the function of the intestinal barrier dependent on zonulin. Zonulin is the only physiological modulator intercellular junctions closed in the trafficking of molecules and therefore in the tolerance/ immune response. When the fine mechanism of zonuline is disturbed we are talking about a perimability of the peret intestinal and all serious health problems mentioned above.

An overchemist civilization

There are more than 200,000 chemicals on the market. Every year about 1,000 new substances are created and placed on the market. Some of these substances may induce aberrations (mutations) in the DNA. They are called mutagenic and many are carcinogenic, i.e. they produce the most feared disease of civilization, cancer. For this reason, the issue of genetic testing of newly synthesized chemicals with which man comes into contact in various forms. However, since then and to this day, the incidence of cancer increases exponentially from year to year.

Effects of toxin accumulation

The accumulation of toxins in the body leads to the symptoms such as tiredness, headache, headache, weakness, muscle or joint pain, irritable bowel or weight gain. Diseases such as be obesity, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, infertility, allergies, neurological conditions (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cognitive problems), heart, autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances are correlated with the impossibility of correct neutralisation and removal of toxins from the body. Linus Pauling, renowned American biochemist and winner of two Nobel prizes, demonstrated by extensive biochemical studies, the fact that approximately 90% of diseases and diseases of the human body are attributed to an excess of heavy metals, toxins, toxic chemicals, which cause in the body human imbalances and mineral deficiencies and trace elements. The human body has no resources self-regeneration if fed with chemicals. Toxic chemicals are interpreted as foreign proteins, which serve no purpose other than increased tissue acidity causing serious and a constant inflammatory immune reaction. Researchers estimate that an adult can accumulate in life-long life over 700 types of toxins and chemicals, of these about 100 are stored in the Fat. The fatter a person is, the higher levels of toxins in the body. Researchers found stored in the fat of persons metabolites, bacteria, but also chemicals originating in the from medicines, alcohol, insecticides, pesticides, pollutants, contaminants and food additives. Agency International Cancer Research Has Announced that in almost 90% of the cancer is determined by external factors (exogenous). In the body of newborns there may be over 200 toxins and chemicals (taken over umbilical cord in the mother's body). For this reason, detoxification is essential in the process of elimination of these contaminants from the human body.

Zeolite - a mineral of avant-garde In the fight with the disease century, cancer

In the ' 90, the Molecular medicine section of the The "Ruder Boskovici" Institute in Zagreb, Croatia, Appeared a lot of "patients" altogether unusual... 22 of splendid dogs, very loved by their masters, but Patients with different forms of cancer. Many of them Terminally, being unable to reach the Eat normally or even move, and physicians Veterinarians had exhausted all the drug arsenal. The last remaining solution, applied by the people of Science at the Croatian Institute, it was zeolite. Patients Received for three months the quantities contained in the Between 0.6 and 3.6 grams of zeolt per day, and the results They were amazing. Of the 22 diseased animals Cancer, no less than 14 responded very Treatment, tumors entering remission and Even disappearing completely. The result has shaken Scientists. Although the study was done on a lot Small, the incredible percentage of 63% rate was obtained of healing. Such a result in the treatment of Cancer disease had never been achieved, by any Medicine, be it human or veterinary medicine (The border between human and veterinary medicine is More "slim" than you might think, so The results of Croatian researchers made great waves In the scientific world). Dozens of studies have been followed On cancer cell cultures, on cell cultures The immune system, to object to the effectiveness of Zeolite in cancerous disease. The results are on How spectacular, so hard to accept To a part of the international scientific community, Devoted to the synthesis of pharmaceutical industry. Studies indicate that micronized zeolite inhibits protein Kinase B, induces the expression of suppressive proteins and limits the negative effects of the species Reactive oxygen. Animal studies have shown that it Reduced metastases and increased the effect of doxorubicin Due to its antioxidant properties. Zeolites can Also have both immunosuppressants and Immunostimulators, causing a decrease in production Blood cells in the bone marrow, but also increased Graft versus host reaction. Studies have shown that zeolite activates the P21 gene. Previous research has shown that the P21 gene is Directly involved in the cellular death processes of Cancer cells.


P21 acts as a tumor suppressant because Controls the evolution of the cellular cycle. Activating P21 It seems to stop the growth of tumors by suppressing Direct growth signals. Results of studies showed that, following exposure to Zeolt, all cells The cancerous tested were destroyed in 72 hours. Studies have shown that p21 inhibits the activity of JNK- 1, more and more remarks detailing the fact that the Two molecules form a complex together. JNK 1 is part of the kinase class activated in terms of Stress. Although under specific stress conditions, these kinases are active, causing the installation of apoptosis, in Certain cancer cells activating them promotes, On the contrary, uncontrolled cellular proliferation. The inactivation of JNK-1 may be one of the reasons For which antioxidants increase the cytotoxicity of agents Chemotherapies in cancer cells while, on the other Other side, also have an antiapoptotic protective role in the Neurons affected by the action of free radicals. Animal models studies have shown that zeolites May cause the tumor to disappear or shrink (Skin cancer, prostate cancer, cancer Breast cancer), in some cases even only after one month of treatment. Treatment with zeolites affects Proliferation and survival of several forms of Cancer, inhibiting cell division, depending on the The administered concentration. Impaired multiplication is due, in part, to induction of the Inhibitors of Dependent cyclin kinases (CDK), expression inhibition B/Akt and stimulation of apoptotic processes. Within the Of the experiments, Amygdalin presented an effective In inhibiting protein-kinase activity B/Akt on tumor cell lines. This inactivation resulted in the cessation of cellular growth and apoptosis Cancer cells. Studies have shown that Akt Inactivates the action of an important inhibitor of as well as the tumour suppressor.

DETOXAMIN - ZEOLITE PMA (Micro Activation - process) single processing in the world, patented

Zeolite (in Ancient Greek zeolite means "the stone that is a mineral of volcanic origin which has been Formed millions of years ago, following the interaction Between the hot lava of Vulcans and groundwater. Through complex Genesis and contact with numerous Precious sediments from underground, a Mineral with miraculous properties for the body Human. It is considered a unique mineral in the world. "The secret" of Zeolite's spectacular efficiency is Not in the chemical composition, as in the arrangement Spatial component of its components. They form networks Three-dimensional cavities and channels with dimensions Microscopic, which is constituted in a true Trap for toxic substances. Zeolite has the unique property to attract as well as A magnet, all kinds of heavy metals and toxins Positive, without eliminating the beneficial electrolytes And the body's vitality. It is proven the ability Balers versus heavy metals. Link and remove: Cadmium, lead, zinc, copper, mercury, chromium, etc. Eliminates radionuclide like strontium, cesium, Cobalt, cadmium and chromium, gases with toxic effect, dioxide Ammonia, ethyl alcohol, other toxins, as a result of The Organo-phosphoric used in insecticides that Dislodge them from the body in the detoxification process In the effectiveness of treating the body with Zeolt are very Important The quality of zeolite (which is given by Number of networks/channels in its porous structure) and Processing procedure. Zeolt Bushes are careful Selected by the manufacturer and subsequently undergo a Unique, patented processing process called PMA (Micro-Activation Process)-microactivation. This The process is based on the disintegration capacity Solids, in a rough, natural state, with The centrifugal acceleration of a machine Controlled disintegration. The component particles in the Volcanic rocks subjected to the micronization process are Unite with each other under a well-determined angle, Which leads to a relative movement of a particle of Across the surface of another particle. Such a procedure Processing in mechanized conditions of clashes and friction in very short time intervals (0.0001-0.001 s) leads to the occurrence of a particle of Activated Microzeolt with extremely low diameter (1NM), thus being very active in terms of Biological, with a stable PH of 7.48. Manufactured zeolite with this technology Advanced becomes one of the most effective Cleansing substances of the organism and meets This role without any side effect, on the contrary, Significantly intensifying the action of any element Additional to which it is added. This phenomenon is Known as the ' Cationic exchange ' which provides Many benefits for body health.